Cassandre Lafon


Saisons, 2021

Screening of the movie at gr8 shop, Harajuku, Tokyo
Screening of the movie at gr8 shop, Harajuku, Tokyo
︎︎︎Video for Phingerin Pajama Collection Spring Summer 2021 “rring”, May 2021

People in pajamas in their own time at home, at office or elsewhere:
some are drawing, some are sewing on buttons, and some are busy stealing time…

This video captures moments of getting lost in the middle of an activity, the moment we losing the perception of time when imagination branches out and gives form to memories.
We use analog / digital cameras and music / soundscape to show the parallel layers of reality and memory.
Bev is drawing a pattern on her notebook, reminiscence from a park walk of her memory, the pattern appears later on the balcony line like a photo print revealing the past.
Meanwhile, Koba is quietly working and his son Suwa pops up, curious about what his father is doing. Koba teach him how to sew a button on some pajamas, in a blurry moment that seems like it taking place in Koba’s memory or it could be his wish for the future.
By emphasizing this small moment, the scene shows the uncontrollable aspect of memory, that we can’t choose which memory will remai the strongest. In fact, it’s odd how often it is something very ‘insignificant’ which stays vividly in the mind.

… but it is also just a video about being at home in pajamas!

Suzanne & Natalia - Disparait dans la brume
This is the first song of Russian-French duo Suzanne & Natalia.
Old friends formed a band in Paris after their coincidental mutual life event, and this song “Brume” was the first song they composed together.
The chorus “Disparais dans la brume” (“Disappear in the mist”) refers to the Russian expression “Скройся в туман” = Ciao Bye Bye, which is a fly-out from the past here.
The music video focus on their friendship, closeness but also emphasize their contrasting character.
Filmed in the forrest by two hand hold cameras, GH5 and Bolex, sometimes capturing sensitive movements of themselves and other times their feelings inside and around.

Direction, Camera, Edit: Cassandre Lafon
Styling Advisor: Andry Adolphe
Music: Suzanne Moreau and Natalia Taïga
Thanks to Domaine des Evis, Franck Monbaylet, Kanamé Onoyama, Claire Malot
Typefont: Aire by Lián Types

Été, 3mn, 2018

Été is about the softness of summer vacation in a small town closed to the sea (Bandol).
The video focus on movements or soft gestures and tiny contacts between objects or animals. Winds sounds are
used to highlight the delicateness of some contacts. Crackling sounds are more used to emphasize textures inside
the image (for instance the asphalt ground under the cat’s paw or the plastic bag compressed by the hand).

Untilted, installation photos projection cross dissolving, 2019

And The - Feu d’artifice, music video, 2019

Direct, shoot: Cassandre Lafon
Edit with Andry Adolphe
3.14 mn

Press : Kiblind