Cassandre Lafon

Ça date

︎︎︎Été, 3mn, 2018

Été is about the softness of summer vacation in a small town closed to the sea (Bandol).
The video focus on movements or soft gestures and tiny contacts between objects or animals. Winds sounds are
used to highlight the delicateness of some contacts. Crackling sounds are more used to emphasize textures inside
the image (for instance the asphalt ground under the cat’s paw or the plastic bag compressed by the hand).

︎︎︎Blue Moon, 6mn, 2019
Video installation in 3 parts, loop with 1mn of black , 2019
Projector, mini projector, tv
Music: Blue moon - Elvis Presley

This was a video filmed in Taipei, at an open air karaoke sight, I collaged Elvis Presley’s Blue Moon over it to add melancholic tone. The installation is like a walk of someone in a new city who try to find a sens in sensitive details around him.

︎︎︎Heart, double video projection, no sound, 4mn, 2019

︎︎︎Untilted, installation photos projection cross dissolving, 2019