Cassandre Lafon

Video and photos for Neighbour introducing Arpenteur FW21 selection, 2021

“Factory Visit” for Neighbour with Arpenteur,  Editorial

Short film for an editorial of Vancouver based clothing store Neighbour.
This video was made to introduce the newly added selection of their shop, a Lyon based clothing label, Arpenteur.

…The driver is excited but hiding the excitement to receive the new sweater, he drives gently, while the factory rushes to make it on time.
(Filmed in Lyon and Roanne)

Directed, Filmed and edited by Cassandre Lafon
With Martin Ducret and Team of Établissements Jean Ruiz
Written by Andry Adolphe and Cassandre Lafon
Produced by Neighbour
Music by Tasho Ishi
Thank you to Laurent and Marc, Martin, Arpenteur Team, Angie Palazotto, Lou, Plume, Claire, Clem