Cassandre Lafon

New Forms Festival video “Reports” with Andry Adolphe, 2020

“Reports”, video with Andry Adolphe, musical mix for New Forms Festival

12mn looped video collage and 90mn selected music

New Forms Festival is a unique digital media festival based in Vancouver, Canada.
This work is permanently avalaible through ‘Archives’ of NFD.

‘The selection for this mix was picked from March ~ Current playlist along with chosen and edited personal
footage: reports about the light switch-like new memory structure we are starting to acquire during this time.’

Direction: Cassandre Lafon, Andry Adolphe

Camera: Cassandre Lafon, Andry Adolphe

Embroidery: Konida Kun from AOI Industry, Tokyo

Edit: Cassandre Lafon

Music selection: Andry Adolphe

Press article in Fnmnl