Cassandre Lafon

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︎︎︎Soft, 2017, recherche, ☆☆☆ 

Été, 3mn, 2018,☆☆☆

Été is about the softness of summer vacation in a small town closed to the sea (Bandol).
The video focus on movements or soft gestures and tiny contacts between objects or animals. Winds sounds are
used to highlight the delicateness of some contacts. Crackling sounds are more used to emphasize textures inside
the image (for instance the asphalt ground under the cat’s paw or the plastic bag compressed by the hand).
Brume - Suzanne & Natalia, 2020 
Réalisation, image, montage: Cassandre Lafon
Conseil stylisme: Andry Adolphe
Conseil Graphisme: Claire Malot
Musique: Suzanne Moreau et Natalia Taïga
Remerciements: Domaine des Evis, Franck Monbaylet, Kanamé Onoyama
Typographie: Aire by Lián Types


Untilted, installation photos projection cross dissolving, 2019

And The - Feu d’artifice, music video, 2019

Direct, shoot: Cassandre Lafon
Edit with Andry Adolphe
3.14 mn

Press : Kiblind