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Cassandre Lafon is a filmmaker and photographer based in Paris. She is born in 1995 in Lyon. She majored in fine arts at École supérieure d'Art et de Design in Saint-Étienne, France, and discovered 60s-70s diary film. These works, along with footage from her mother’s home video, have shaped her aesthetic and inspired her own film projects.

There is an intimacy to the way she approaches filming whatever is around her. Lafon’s use of overzoom present in a personal way the daily elements of life.Her work can be seen as a visual poem. Instead the images are picked and gathered to make a composition she calls a “
bouquet d’images”. 

To allow the bouquet of images to fully bloom, Lafon has worked with multidisciplinary designer Andry Adolphe, who co-runs the visual project Floregraphies, and with musicians like Tasho Ishi. In addition to her own projects, commissioned works also can show Lafon's diverse approaches translated into fashion image and music video. Her movies and photos series have been shown in art venues in France (Paris, Saint-Étienne) and Japan (Tokyo), media arts festivals (Canada) and in clothing stores in the United States (New York) and Japan (Tokyo).

“1, 2, 3” video at “Échauffement Collectif”, exhibition, Le Wonder, Clichy (FR) 2023
“Jardin” at “Flexistock” exhibition, Le Wonder, Clichy (FR) 2021
“Jardin” at “Le Jour Suivant” exhibition, Cité du Design, Saint-Étienne, (FR) 2019
“Sans Titre”, diaporama photos at Les Limbes gallery, Saint-Étienne, (FR) 2019

Documentary “Regric” exhibition at Nepenthes NY, produced by Arpenteur, (US) 2023
“Rring” at Gr8, Phingerin, (JP) 2021

Installations et videos
“1, 2, 3”, experimental documentary, 2023
“Moving Portrait: Natalia”, video, 2020
“Été”, video, 2019
“Blue Moon”, installation video 3 projections, 2019
“Heart”, installation video 2 projections, 2019
“Jardin”, 2018

Mode (photos and films)
St. Germain FW23, photos
Arpenteur FW23, photos
Arpenteur SS23, photos & vidéos
Neighbour editorials, photos & vidéos, 2022/2023
Courtney Orla FW22, photos, (JP) 2022
“Memory”, Narukiro FW22, film, photos and website, (JP) 2022
“Littoral”, Arpenteur 22SS, film, photos and website, (FR) 2022
“Jardin du Luxembourg”, Palmes edito, photos documentary, (DK) 2022
“Factory Visit”, Neighbour editorial, film for Arpenteur, (CA) 2021

Musique (photos and clips)
5AM - Today, clip, (JP) 2022
“Emotional Mercenaries”, Topical Cream, photos for Laurel Halo, (JP) 2021
“The Art of DJ”, Resident Advisor, photos for Powder, (JP / UK) 2021
“Repost”, New Forms Festival, film with Andry Adolphe, (CA) 2020
Bravo Tounky – Mariroannais, clip, (FR), 2020
And The – Feux d’Artifice, clip, (FR) 2019

Fnmnl, New Forms Festival (JP), 2020
Kiblind, And The – Feux d’Artifice (FR), 2019

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