Cassandre Lafon

                                                        films/installationsphotographies,   🌳 


Fenêtres et pigeons, booklet, 2020

I first define the word ‘ instant ‘ as A perception of small moments, such as -- Glimpse of something, Briefly seen,
Things just about to disappear-- Emotion can be triggered even from a glance of a color, or one’s small face
expression. Instant, is a flash in daily life.
I went out to Rue de la Roquette in Paris every day at 2 p.m. during my lunch break at work.
This limitation of time and space helped me to focus and enable me to come back with a new image every day.
The question that came up during the photographic research was: What is the secret of these subtle yet strong
moments giving emotions that is apparent but uncertain in the same time.

35 pages, 30 copy, 2020