Cassandre Lafon

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Powder, The Art of Djing, Resident Advisor, photos, 2021

Close look to photos for “Art of DJing”article on Resident Advisor which features Powder.

For this series, we wanted to find the balance between Powder as musician and Moko as a person.
We tried to capture her contemporary yet organic feeling of herself and her music, where you can see the beauty inside wonder and little bit of oddness.
In the photo set, we mixed city and nature, equipment and flowers, lying down on a grass or viewing the city from a green building.
This also follows the article where she explains her deep attention to things and music in various locations and devices, adjusting herself to each moment.
The ‘stretching Moko’ was especially a gesture I loved to show, I notice she always stretching : it’s sudden, relaxing and shows how she is always channeling her body to a new space.
Overall, hope we were able to catch her incaptureable, elusive being from many angles.
The antique shirt with beautiful texture and subtle but unusual features added depth to visualize her character even more.
The accompany of 5ive and Harada san comforts the shoot and brought lots of smiles.

Photography by Cassandre Lafon
Aesthetic Direction by Cassandre Lafon, Andry Adolphe (Floregraphies)
Styling by Andry Adolphe
Thank You to 5ive for all sorts of support and fixing, Harada san and Sakurai san for coordinating.